Dance music artists jumped at the opportunity to invest in Arpeggi Labs, a promising startup with the goal to revolutionize digital music production and publishing.
The future of music production could very well live on the blockchain.
One Web3 startup with promising potential has developed the first on-chain digital audio workstation (DAW), and in doing so, has attracted the attention of a number of major electronic dance music artists. 
Arpeggi Labs' use case differs fundamentally from the vast majority of successful developments at the intersection of music tech and blockchain technologies, which may prove to be a key competitive edge. 
While many new platforms in the space are leading with a focus on facilitating the tokenized ownership of music, Arpeggi is focusing on revolutionizing the way the music itself is made and published. The platform accomplishes this while maintaining a proprietary crediting system that ensures samples are properly sourced and credited whenever they are used.
Afrojack, Martin Garrix and more will perform at Tomorrowland Winter 2023, which will take place between March 18th and 25th.
The celebration will take place at Zouk Nightclub in Resorts World Las Vegas.
Club Chinois is gearing up to end its successful first season on the beloved party island.
The startup just closed a $5.1 million funding round amid a tough economic backdrop for the industry, which has recently sustained a multi-trillion dollar loss in aggregate.
The round was led by a16z crypto and additionally saw participation from numerous dance music power players including Steve Aoki, 3LAU, Disco Fries, the Audius Foundation and more. Aoki and Disco Fries are among the investors simultaneously joining the advisory team, Music Business Worldwide reports.
For more information or to receive a demo of Arpeggi Studio, visit Arpeggi Labs online.
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The DJ and cryptocurrency pundit appeared on the “Chain Reaction” podcast to explain what gives music NFTs value.
This funding comes after a $16 million investment back in August.
The idea was developed in the spirit of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” album release.
Royalty investing platform is once again empowering retail investors with an exciting new opportunity that could shape the long-term future of commercial music.
3LAU has cracked the code for democratizing investing in music, and it lies squarely within NFT technology.
Steve Aoki’s new NFT partnership is alongside one of the most promising digital collectible ventures in Asia.
Angello joins multiple titans of technology as a new investor in the anotherblock marketplace.
Steve Aoki’s early adoption of NFTs has paid off, and he remains a believer in the technology’s future.



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