A big 2 weeks in DJing! Part 2 ✌ [Live DJing Q&A with Phil Morse]

I dunno, you go away for 2 weeks and it all happens! Let’s play catch up and discuss all that’s gone on recently – we’re here for your questions on gear, music, techniques, playing out, promoting yourself, and music production [Part 2].

0:00 Intro
1:06 What’s new with Traktor software and hardware?
4:08 Is it worth switching to a certain DJ software for special features, such as better Stems?
6:13 Is there a phone app that can help DJs prepare sets?
8:11 How do you choose which channel the FX are on with Pioneer DJ Opus Quad?
11:46 What is a good budget speaker for small parties?
17:25 Is Engine DJ as reliable as other DJ software?
32:23 How can I DJ at home without speakers?
35:45 What’s the best Stems separation software?

For part 1 of this Q&A, head here: https://youtube.com/live/t5hy980N_G4

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