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Dreamverse is part NFT gallery, part music festival in a one-of-a-kind hybrid physical and digital experience.
Another monumental milestone for the adoption of NFTs is on the horizon with the formation of the world's first music, art, and technology festival that will focus on the emerging blockchain asset class.
Metapurse, the world's largest NFT investment fund, has unveiled their festival project, Dreamverse, which will feature an immersive gallery viewing experience by day and musical performances by night. 
Presented in collaboration with TIME, the in-person Dreamverse experience will feature works of art canvassed on hybridized physical and digital structures. Attendees will also have the option to view some pieces from the immersive world of virtual reality on site. 
One of Dreamverse's main attractions will be the public debut of Beeple's Everydays: The First 5000 Days, which is widely regarded to be the most prestigious digital collectible. The art, a collage of 5,000 images stitched together, sold at auction for $69 million earlier this year.
A police helicopter eventually showed up, but not before Whethan threw down at the wild show, the latest in Brownies & Lemonade's pop-up series.
The biggest headlining show of Dom Dolla's career ended up being a B2B set with Mother Nature.
The late DJ had been open about his struggles with depression.
The festival is also a celebration of great NFT works still to come. Dance music superstar Alesso, who is performing at the event alongside RAC and PLS&TY, will be revealing his first NFT effort. The Swedish hitmaker's NFT will launch on OneOf, an NFT platform specifically geared towards the music community.
Dreamverse is part NFT gallery, part music festival in a one-of-a-kind hybrid physical and digital experience.
Metapurse's Founder, known as Metakovan, shared that the goal is to demystify NFTs for those who might still be confused by their perceived abstraction.
"NFTs are still thought of as abstract or virtual. Dreamverse is what happens when NFTs make landfall," Metakovan explained. "This is a celebration of a vibrant, diverse, empathetic community. A merging of the physical and digital realms, Dreamverse is an expression of the renaissance we have been experiencing the last few years."
Dreamverse goes live at Terminal 5 on November 4th. Tickets are available now.
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Alesso’s “Cosmic Genesis” has game-changing potential in the mercurial world of NFTs.
Alesso is slated to perform Dreamverse, the first combined NFT art gallery and music festival event, where several of his exclusive audiovisual experiences will debut for the first time.
Flosstradamus is bringing a unique NFT to market, effectively blurring the lines between physical and digital collectibles.
Alesso has words of advice for artists who have not yet realized the potential of NFTs.
The Kid LAROI will also headline the inaugural Afterparty festival, which will take place at Las Vegas’ immersive AREA15 venue.
Decentral Games has tapped into the dance music talent pool again, this time with a live NFT auction from Dillon Francis.
Prospective attendees can purchase one of 10,000 custom NFTs, which unlock rewards like rave apparel and exclusive airdrops.
Alec Monopoly and Avery Andon are bringing a uniquely collaborative approach to the NFT space with



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