Here are 9 artists who sound like Lane 8. If you’re a fan of Lane 8’s softer side of progressive house, you’ll love the artists here.
Lane 8 has had an explosive few years, taking his delicate and minimal approach to melodic house music to the main stages of Coachella and beyond. 
And like any true pioneer of the genre, Lane 8's iconic sound has inspired entire generations of producers and artists to follow suite, parroting and drawing inspiration from Lane 8's releases on Anjunadeep and his own imprint, This Never Happened alongside his Little By Little tour in 2016. 
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What started as Lane 8's independent outlet away from his Anjunadeep roots quickly built a presence in the deep and progressive house genres. 
Lane 8's brand and label platform has since grown into a leading voice in the space, allowing Lane 8 to release many of the greatest hits of his career while also launching the careers of upstart artists like Enamour, Jerro, Rylan Taggart and others. 
Lane 8 has long been an advocate of the smaller artists that he signs on the label, giving them plenty of spotlight on his Root to Branch VA series as well as bringing them on tour as direct support. 
So let's dive into Magnetic's list of artists who sound like Lane 8. 
Klur is a Swedish producer with a knack for all of the same textures and melodics that Lane 8 has popularized. 
His drawn out melodies, slowly evolving harmonies, and subtle use of soundbeds to help fill out the frequencies of his track make him the ideal recommendation to kick off this list. 
He predominantly releases on the label Colorized, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams within weeks of each release.
This South African producer  has been on the slow come up now for the past few years, which is surprising see how clearly masterful he is at the art of producing melodic house music. 
Much like Lane 8, Polar Inc relies heavily on slowly evolving and automated arpeggiator lines to carry the emotion and momentum of every track. What starts off as small and intimate riffs throughout the early measure of each song soon grows to be swelling and climactic moments on every releases' finale. 
These sounds have landed Polar Inc. on Nora En Pure's Purified Imprint and Lane 8's This Never Happened label. 
While stylistically, these two artists feel quite the opposite the texture and nuance both exude throughout all of their producers make them a mirrored pair. 
Max Cooper's sound shines through his delicate chord progressions complimented with a nuanced foundation of texture, groove, and sonic character. 
And much like Lane 8's, Max's career his championed by a movement that goes beyond the music. Where Lane 8's iconic 'no cell phone' rule at his shows is a natural calling card, Max's signature audio/visual accompaniments ensure that each release and every show is a masterful, unique work of art.
While markedly different from each other in terms of typical tempo and drive of their music, the ven diagram of Lane 8 and Kasbo intersect with the emotional delivery of all of their peak moments.
It takes a measured hand to make the big moments of a record feel larger than life, and this is something that both Kasbo and Lane 8 share in spades upon every release. 
This, along with both artists' heavy use of sentimental vocals, make Kasbo an easy recommendation for any Lane 8 loving fan.
As Lane 8's career has catapulted him to larger and larger stages, the energetic progressive qualities in his music have been forced to work double time to keep up.
The agressive peak-time records heard throughout many of Lane 8's larger sets can be mirrored in the timeless momentum of Eric Prydz's prodigy Cristoph. The rolling bass lines, throbbing synth swells, and euphoric breakdowns are iconic of both of these artists, making Cristoph a must-see for any fan of Lane 8's more energetic music.
Cristoph releases on labels such as Anjunadeep and Pryda. 
Jan Blomqvist has a signature sonic quality to his music that is carried by his heavy use of analog gear and acoustic instruments for his studio albums, which turns into massive synth displays during his live shows. 
Many Lane 8 fans have come to love Lane 8's live shows just to hear new, more aggressive and energetic versions of their favorite tracks from the album and Jan is the exact same (especially when you see him with his full live setup).
BAYNK is another artist who you wouldn't connect to Lane 8 directly, but after comparing the unique way that both artists construct their grooves, using interesting and unthought of instruments and sounds to create their highly-danceable rhythms, the similarities are clear as day. 
These compelling grooves are then complimented with similar heart-string pulling harmonies whose emphasis on songwriting and melodies that simply resonate with listeners, makes BAYNK a must-hear for any Lane 8 enthusiast. 
The journies of both Kidnap and Lane 8 share striking similarities, even if they are a bit opposite. 
Kidnap began his days in the EDM boom, cutting his teeth on blowout party music and high-octane blasts of noise before graduating to the soft, nuanced tastes of his current sound. Conversly, Lane 8 began doing softer music which has gradually increased in drive and energy.
The intersection of these two boy's careers has made some truly beautiful moments best exemplified in their collaboration tracks which are some of my favorite tracks ever released by Anjunadeep.
Joris Voorn is an industry heavy weight who's sheer amount of talent is evident in his live sets and productions alike. 
Lane 8's masterful control of energy, both over the course of a DJ set and throughout the length of a song, is second to none; save maybe for Joris. 
One of the most talented DJs and producers in the game, Joris Voorn's ability to tell a story through the medium electronic music is captivating to the last. 
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