Cubbo Podcast #007 Boriqua Tribez (AT)

Welcome to the weekly Cubbo Podcast. Every Wednesday be ready to listen to 60 minutes of the finest quality techno and hardtechno around the globe.

This week we have for you austrian techno legend Boriqua Tribez in the mix.

Since the year 2000 Boriqua Tribez is an unstoppable force within the Pumpin Techno genre.

Boriqua Tribez’ prevailing interest for disco/funk/old school/percussion-sounds is responsible for his unique style and mixture of classic elements and techno music, whether as a DJ (since 1989) or producer.

Playing parties around the globe such as APOKALYPSA (CZ), FLORIDA 135 (ESP), TECHNO-FLASH (ESP), FABRIK (ESP), ECO FESTIVAL (SLO), M47 (HUN), AMBASADA GAVIOLI (SLO), INDUSTRIAL COPERA (ESP), PULSE FESTIVAL (SLO) to name but a few underline his boundless passion for DJing.

DJ-support from the likes of Ben Sims, Carl Cox, DJ Rush, Umek, Cristian Varela, DJ Murphy, The Advent, etc. confirmed his recognition as an artist.

After releasing and remixing on several advanced techno labels in the past decade (Moop Up, Recycled Loops, Ingoma, Naked Lunch, Spilo, HzTrax, Patterns, etc.) Boriqua Tribez started his own Label called “BASICS” in 2008.

After 12 Releases from artists like Ben Sims, David Moleon, Cave, Carl Falk, etc. and Boriqua himself he decided to shut down the label end of 2011 focusing back onto his real intension: DJing and Production (NOTE: complete Back-catalogue of “Basics” moved to “Patterns”)

During last couple of months the Idea of starting a new Label finally became true in 2013, so Boriqua proudly announces “CUBANITA” Records (which is named after one of his favourite Trax). No politics, no boundaries, no compromise – just bangin´ Techno that he LOVES.

Furthermore he started to work on more mental stuff which will be released on Labels such as Naked Lunch, Amigos Recordings, tbc.

Follow Boriqua Tribez at:…/193005107376746

Download link:


01. LAUX/HOFSTETTLER – Chicken Understood (Truncate Remix)
02. REAKY – Optimal Penetration (David Moleon Rework)
04. DAVID MOLEON – Navegando in the Cosmos
05. DAVID MOLEON – Beforebang (Patrick DSP Remix)
07. ERIC SNEO – Ciao Bella 2013
08. MARIO MONTERO – Iberica
09. DAVID MOLEON – Optimal side
10. KILLA PRODUCTIONS – Going back to my roots
11. KEV D – Tortured (Jon Nuccle Player Remix)
12. VITALIC – La Rock
13. KC – 99.9 (2012 Rework)
14. ROBERT ARMANI – Ambulance (Boriqua Tribez Remix)
15. LUKY R.D.U. – Patacas da Chata
16. UNTITLED – Pump it out
17. BORIQUA TRIBEZ – White Trash (Paul Langley Remix)
18. MARK BROOM – Things (Rave Bass Remix)
19. DITO MASATS – The Game
21. CARL FALK – Sense off


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