Cubbo Podcast #008 Anderson Carvalho aka Buchecha (BRA)

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Anderson Carvalho aka Buchecha was born in 1984 at the city of Sao Paulo. Since 12 years old, the music is big influence as part of his life. Former guitarist of a Hardcore band in Sao Paulo until the 14, when he discovered electronic music under influences of hardcore and jungle, and frequenting the main clubs of the electronic scene at Sao Paulo in the end of 90 s, such as Over Night Club, Club Nation and other. That s where he discovered a passion for a source in special, the Techno.

His first contact with turntables was in 2002, when he already risked his first mix, and he did small acts in free parties and friend’s parties, playing some diferent Styles inside the techno music, Drum’n’Bass, Jungle and others styles. Sometime later, his style was taking shape with a heavier techno. In 2005, he began producing his own events, so it was born “Fuel Techno”.

Fuel Techno developed a hard work, helping to disseminate and promote the techno music in Brazil, producing events with a great integration of new talents and with great names of Brazilian techno and world-wide scene. Nowadays, Fuel Techno Develops the same work in Portugal being considered one of the most important and develops a hard work, bringing the best Techno and HardTechno Music to portugal.

In 2006, he started to produce his own tracks and just over a year later, he was already launching his first music in one of the most important labels of Hard Techno, Cardiac Arrest Records.

In 2007, was created the label Technopride Records, the first Brazilian hard techno label. He also was invited to be a resident Dj at Club Alôca, one of the most important clubs of the Brazilian Scene.

In a short time of life, “Technopride” is considered one of the best hard techno labels, Always bringing innovation, creativity and quality music for the hard techno Lovers. The Label Record reaches the rank of one of the best selling, having works by some of the best Hard Techno Artists and New Talents.

Nowadays, Buchecha is one of the most expressive djs and producers on the hard techno scene, launching his music on the best vinyl and digital labels. His tracks can be found easily on the case and playlists of the best djs around the world.

As a DJ, he has been performing in the best clubs and festivals around the globe, with a unique style and very particular technique of mixing, where, the words “Heavy and Energy” describe well his music and what the dance floor receives during his acts. With energetic dj sets, accurated mixes, cuts, effects, exclusive sounds, perfectionism and strong interaction with the dance floor, he uses all the available tools to send the energy of music to the people.
Considered by many, one of the new talents a few years ago. Buchecha today is considered one of the leading names in the hard techno scene.

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Boris S – Why Are Fighting ?
Pet Duo vs OBI & Julyukie – Jet Out
Golpe – Nakes Bet
TiltHammer – Charpter Four
Dj Amok – Pump (Svetec Remix)
Buchecha – Dirty Noise
Double Dare – Intersection
Mental Crush & Sepromatiq – Esto es la musica
Buchecha – Unboxing
OBI & Julyukie – Give it to Me
Pet Duo – Hypersonic
Buchecha & Arkus P. – Secret Code
Orbeats – Brute Force
Boris S. – Portal of Hell
Svetec – We won’t Stay dead



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