CUBBO Podcast #027: A.Paul (PT)

A.Paul was born in Lisbon, Portugal in November 1971, and his career started in 1986, although his first contact with music was made at a very early stage, mainly through the hands of his older sister that would regularly listen to disco, funk, and electro sounds in the 70′s. From a music passionate mind, to a national celebrity, A.Paul is today one of the key players of the electronic music scene on a worldwide scale, both as a DJ and as a Producer. His taste, technique and originality made him earn the respect from his peers and most of all the love and devotion from his fans.

A.Paul has released over 100 vinyl records, several mixed CD compilations released in amazing labels like; Kombination Research, Synewave, Planet Rhyhtm, Italo Business, Pure Sonik, Theory, Mastertraxx, Beat Disaster, Yin Yang, Impact Mechanics, and has remixed artists such as The Advent, Ben Sims, Eric Sneo, Angel Alanis, Damon Wild, DJ T-1000, Virgil Enzinger, Robert Armani, Dave The Drummer, Dj Preach, Mike Humphries, Spiros Kaloumenos, Torsten Kanzler, Bas Mooy, Housemaster Boyz and many more.

His unique sound, taste, and technique, granted him a position on some of the best mega events like; Awakenings, Chateau Techno, TGV (The Netherlands), Evolve (Canada), Nature One, Syndicate, Ruhr in Love (Germany), Rock in Rio (Portugal), Technolandia (Portugal), Aquasella, (Spain), Liberty White (Belgium), Decibel (Holland), Global Vision Festival (France) & Apokalypsa (Czech Republic).

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Virgil Enzinger & Submerge – Destroyer Of Worlds (Floom Remix)
Johan Afterglow – Prioritaire (Petter B Remix)
Pascal Nuzzo – I Get You
Torsten Kanzler – Woof
Dj Bold & ATProject – Wicked Cheese (Sven Schaller Remix)
Marcel Dettmann – Linux
Biohazart & Beeswax – Colapse (Lorenzo D’Ianni Remix)
Developer – Frames
Mikael Jonasson – Quatar (Audio Injection Remix)
L.B. Dub Corp feat. Function – Roller
Hans Bouffmyhre – Flash Mode
Hans Bouffmyhre – Sanction
Audio Injection – Darker
Michael Schwarz – You Can’t Dance To This Beat
Michael Schwarz – She Doesn’t Ask For You
Peja – Acid Planet
Hans Bouffmyhre – Pulsing
Flex – Drone 1.0
Johannes Heil & Len Faki – Maniac
Sasha Carassi – Sarria’s Mind (A.Mochi & Takaaki Itoh Remix)
Chromnoise & Sync Therapy – Schisme
Easah – Bleak Mirror
Electric Rescue & Maxime Dangles – Deltonia
Nikola Gala – Take Me
Nikola Gala – Love Spot
Greg Slaiher – Bad Ass (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
Thomas P Heckman – Rise & Fall (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
Monocraft – Worm (Michael Schwarz Remix)



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