CUBBO Podcast #030: DJ Link (PT)

Welcome to the weekly Cubbo Podcast!

Be ready for 60 minutes of the finest quality techno and hardtechno around the globe.

Cubbo Podcast will feature their artist roster aswell as established and new emerging talents from the very best of the international electronic music scene.

DJ Link (Portugal) is one of the leading DJ/producer on the techno scene. By delivering upbeat techno and amazing musical experiences, DJ Link wows dance floors with every set…..

Besides being one of the most requested DJs in Portugal, DJ Link has become a crowd favorite in Spain where he often performs at topnotch venues and events like CODE (Fabrik) and many others… DJ Link also often performs in the UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Hungary or Brazil, receiving praise from fans and promoters on every occasion—always leading to repeat gigs. In Brazil, He is the best known DJ from Portugal, and often performs in famous venues such as Clash, Techno Route, De Puta Madre and many others…

DJ Link has released tracks remixes in Pornographic Recordings, Ying Yang, Naked Lunch, Soulaccess, Techhead, Beat Disaster along with the best producers such as Valentino Kanzyani, Dave The Dummer, A.Paul…

His own label, Amigos Recordings, is one of his main projects. Amigos has released tracks and remixes from artists such as Raul Mezcolanza, A.Paul, Dave the Drummer, Wehbba, Peppelino, and of course many of the best tracks from DJ Link. “Amigos Recordings” is considered one of the top techno labels worldwide, having each release on the sales tops and tracks always charted by the best Top techno DJs…..

In the near future, DJ Link will keep dropping bombs on the most important techno labels… International artists who regularly use DJ Link’s tracks in their sets include DJ Murphy and Cristian Varela, Dylan Drazen amongst many others.

DJ Link just finished another fantastic South American tour with outstanding feedback, and will be touring in Spain, the UK, Ireland, Holland, and again in Brazil on the next months.

Follow Dj Link at:


Davizzino Barretti – Raw Octopus
The Welderz – Other Music – Analytic Trail
Red Square – Vision (Original Mix) MKLTD008
Spear – HuntingPoliticians – 2448
Ben Sims – Something (Beats Mix) – Theory
Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink-King Glory
Bodyscrub – Zero Latency | Original Mix
Psyk – Arcade
Andrei Morant – Companion – Scope Recs
Jack Mackrel – Workin – Vocals
Mark Morris – Funky Muvy
Efren – Deimos.
A.Paul e Duarte – Kontakt
Petter B – Tool01
Funk D’Void-Jack Me Off (Ben Sims Remix)
Magnus – Act Two (Truncate Remix)
MOTOR feat Billie Ray Martin -Hyper Lust (Pfirter Remix)
Secluded – Mercy (Original Mix)
Tony Mayoral – 1981
The Welderz – Stricly District – Analytic Trail
DJ Sneak-Special K (Shlomi Aber Remix)
Jewel Kid-House Of Lies (Petter B Remix)
Kevin Call – Zombies
Literon – Freak Funktion
Psyk – Somewhere
Jack Mackrel – Slide_Rule_(Original_Mix)
Marco Carola – Recreate_Remix



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