Dominik Muller @ Vector Radio #211 - 12-08-2017 (AUDIO)

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Resident Advisor

Founder of Furanum Records.Dominik’s productions and sets gravitate toward dark, industrial techno: a form driven by pounding percussion layered with spacious soundscapes, and infused with cogent mechanical reverberations. His first release took place on Silence virtual label in 2003 and in time, in addition to focusing on music production, he decided to more significantly contribute to the Silesian electronic music scene. In 2004 he founded the Centre of Sonic collective, and between 2005 and 2006 he was also a member of Extreme-tech DJ collective that organized several techno/experimental events in southern Poland. At the beginning of 2006 he joined the elite Silence! promotion agency team, and finally in 2007 established his own independent record label, Furanum Records, which has remained the prime focus of his artistic output. Under the name Furanum Records Night, he has since organised several now legendary Industrial Techno parties in the region. His latest project is a collaboration with Rafał Fürst under the alias Uncto. Some of Dominik’s current discography can be found on labels such as Locked Records, Limetree, Ante-Rasa, Nheoma, Audioexit Records, Neural Network.Selected discography Dominik Muller





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