Author : Jennifer Stone

Music is a form of emotion, as artists and musicians from all respective musical backgrounds try to portray it with the help of music. Similarly, extremely talented duo Arula and Ejé are paving their way to greatness and glory with their skills and expertise. The just-out EP from the duo Drippin in Gold has been an outstanding and successful release on every music-streaming platform. Every song from the EP is accumulating a huge number of listeners rapidly. The knowledge and the flair that the duo has produced have not gone unnoticed by the global music community. The calming lyrics and the smooth progression of every song in the EP create a relaxing vibe that can attract more and more music lovers with time. The duo has reenergized the true meaning of new-age electronic, world-inspired, and dark downtempo music once again that can take everyone on a nostalgic journey of music.

Plying their traits from San Francisco, Arula and Ejé have formed an immortal bond that knows no limits when it comes to supremacy and deliverance. The proper placement of beats and bass, matching the rhythm of the vocals from both artists creates an unreal feeling of ultimate calmness. Released on the record label Cosmic Awakenings, the EP contains 4 songs in total; “Drippin In Gold (Original Mix),” “Drippin In Gold (Lemurian & Israel Vich Remix),” “Undoing (Original Mix,” and “Show Me (Original Mix).” The distinctive musicianship and expert production in “Drippin in Gold” highlight a new and modern sound, which pays tribute to the duo’s history and offers a preview of where they will reach. Listeners can now enjoy all the four songs from the new EP on major music-streaming platforms including Spotify and SoundCloud. For more information and regular updates, fans can now consider following the duo on Beatport and Instagram.

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