Giuseppe Ottaviani - Summer Sound Festival, Helsinki (AUDIO)

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Resident Advisor

Giuseppe Ottaviani has started to release tracks on VANDIT Records, Paul Van Dyk’s renowned label, in 2001 and since then can be considered one of the most talented producer and influential recording artist in trance music.His musical career started at the age of 4 years in Viterbo, a small Italian town near Rome when he first started to play the piano. After music school in his early childhood and studies of classical music as a teen, he discovered electronic music and started to spin his first DJ-sets at clubs and on local radio stations.

His deep enthusiasm for anything related to technology led to him beginning to use his computer to make and produce his own music and when he met Andrea Ribeca in 1999 (an electronic music enthusiast and also DJ) both quickly decided to start their own music project: NU NRG - Giuseppe’s starting point as a professional musician and producer.

Since that time Giuseppe Ottaviani released club anthems like Dreamland, the Spaceflower EP, Butterfly, Casino Connected and the smash hit Free Fall and won numerous awards like the Trance Award in 2004, 2006 and 2007 for Best Live Act. No wonder why he is playing on the biggest Festivals and greatest events while touring all over the world.

Since 2005 Giuseppe Ottaviani has started his solo career with big success. His solo-productions like Through Your Eyes or his compilation The VANDIT Sessions 4 receive an outstanding feedback from all around the globe. The tracks La Dolce Vita and Far Away on Paul van Dyks album In Between again show his quality as one of the most creative artists in this scene. He also keeps on performing live with more enthusiasm as ever before: “Playing my own music live is something special, something that really touches me” Giuseppe says, “it is an electronic music concert, performing on stage allows you to get through to the people, they really breathe the music, you can establish a two-way bond with them and the music itself changes and reacts to the people, this is why each show is different, unique”.

What ever is next for Giuseppe Ottaviani, it will be big! Selected discography Giuseppe OttavianiGiuseppe Ottaviani Productions:

2008 FAR AWAY with Paul van Dyk – VANDIT digital


2007 LA DOLCE VITA with Paul van Dyk – VANDIT Rec.

2007 FAR AWAY with Paul van Dyk – VANDIT Rec.

2007 BEYOND YOUR THOUGHTS with Santiago Nino – Dub Tech Rec.


2006 UNTIL MONDAY with Marc van Linden - VANDIT Rec.


Giuseppe Ottaviani Remixes:

2009 The New World – Markus Schulz on Armada Rec. (coming soon)

2009 Rise Above – Activa on VANDIT Rec. (coming soon)

2008 Light to Lies – Alex Bartlett & Andrea Mazza

2008 Mercury Retrograde – Tom Colontonio

2008 Get back – Paul van Dyk on VANDIT Rec.

2008 Neo Love – Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert on Euphonic

2008 Follow Me – José Amnesia on Amnesia Sound

2008 Stars – Andy Hunter on Nettwerk

2007 Shadowrider – Blue Horizon on Senital Rec.

2007 Andre Visor & Kay Stone – SFYM on Breathemusic

2007 Yoav – Beautiful Lie on Universal/Island Rec.

2007 Stoneface and Terminal - Super Nature

2007 Thomas Bronzwaer - Close Horizon

2006 Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (GO and MvL remix) on Discover Rec.

2006 Lawrence Palmer - Stream Live on Sirup Rec.

2006 John O'Callaghan and Kearney - Exactly on Discover Rec.

2006 Alex Morph and Woody van Eyden feat. Jimmy H. - Y 68 on Fenology Rec.

2006 Mr. Groove and Vergas - Just the way i like it on Yoshitoshi Rec.

Productions with NU NRG project:

2006 Casino on Vandit and Monstertunes Rec.

2005 Dreamland rmx and Atomo on Monstertunes Rec.

2004 Free Fall cd album on VANDIT Rec.

2003 Connective EP on VANDIT Rec.

2003 Space Flower EP on VANDIT Rec.

2002 Dreamland re-edit on VANDIT Rec.

2002 The moon feat. NU NRG on Extrawild Rec.

2002 New Energy - Illusion on Stick Trance Rec.

2001 Dreamland on VANDIT Rec.

2001 New Energy - Energetic Wave on Stick Trance Rec.

2001 New Energy - Take your Air on Stick Trance Rec.

2001 Munrphy Brown und NU NRG - Progressive Tanzproductionen on Zeitsprung

2001 NU NRG EP on Synthetyc Rec.

2000 Energizer EP on Synthetyc Rec.

Remixes with NU NRG project:

2006 Secondsun - Playground on VANDIT Rec.

2004 Sandra Flyn - Brightness on In-telligance Rec.

2004 Mark Dawn - Random Walk on Logport Rec.

2004 GeM Project - Sunday Afternoon on VANDIT Rec.

2003 FX Zone - Synthasia on Difuse Rec.

2003 Basic Dawn - Pure Thrust on Alpha Music Rec.

2003 New Energy - Take your Air rmx on Stick Trance Rec.

2002 Three Drives - Carrera 2 on VANDIT Rec.

2002 Sunblind - Believe on Extrawild Rec.

2002 Angelic Touchdown - Marinero on Extrawild Rec.

2001 Kamara feat. P. Charming - Ave Mea Italia on External Rec.





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