IndianX - Mild 'N Minty N°52 @ (March 2019) (AUDIO)

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Resident Advisor

Intermedia artist

Mild 'N Minty's driver of Events, Radio Show & a part of audio/visual tandem.

Delivering intense emotional events, ambient, designs & DJ sets of electronic music with progressive touch.Since mid 80's 'indi' was nailed down by the side of DJ booths, enjoying the sound of Acid House and dancing Electric Boogie. As a teenager he started his own audio/visual electronic events in the early 90's. Becoming influenced by Germany TV media. 'Rave Culture' wave took over him and open the doors to events with deeper dimensions. Next few years he spend time as a promoter organizing trips to major events around the Europe and playing as CDJ on new born electronic scene in Slovenia. He become recognized for his public relation activities and soon received the invitation to work for notorious club Ambasada Gavioli ( in mid 90's where he managed the club lived the 'Golden Age' of its existence while working there as PR & Booking Manager for almost half a decade.

Electronic subculture lack of underground genres expression on most dance events in his home land gave him a push to launch Mild 'N Minty events in 2013 and RA Show with progressive approach toward electronic music.

...after three decades defining his sound while influenced by best artists of the world he's liv'n the passion of his sound...

Fat Bass Pussy Sound

Fat – deep, nasty

Bass – line & kicks

For Pussies – like a hot female dancers, that can ’t stop moving with the hips on funky vocal and banging beats.

That ’s the Sound he loves to play with.

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