Jef Ciarvi @ Vector Radio #130 - 07-06-2014 (AUDIO)

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Resident Advisor

Yohmss accomplished his studies as a music composer in the field of electronic music, jazz, and acoustic, in an important academy in france.

He collaborates with Alex escalofrio in order to create a powerfull combination, very promissing and memorable, in the music industry.Yohmss is above all a musician more than a DJ.

Founder of Apoxis Label and Apoxis Radio, coorganizer with Dj Nikita of the events "Sound Of Freedom", this artist with a mysterious looks does not go out of wherever.Bitter of the studies to the academy in writing of contemporary and electroacoustic music, and afterward studies of Jazz with renowned names , Yohmss began its composer's career of electronic musics of all kinds. Pianist and keyboard in differents formations eclectics, he became a programmer of synthesizers and machines and orchestrator-arranger for various bands and studios.

After a passage as professor of musical computing to the academy and the music composer of Television film for TF1 among others, he decided of on every release to advance definitively by playing in live his compositions.

Yohmss was an actor of the electronic trance scene of the beginning of the 90s. Bitter a break of some years, composing only in the virtual world of internet, he decide finally to go out of the shadow.We find him aujourdhui, with a live of differentes influence such as the trance, the tek, minimal tek, the house, the acid house, and even sometimes of the Indus or the electro frenchy.





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