From starting his career playing at Akaakaroar, Brighton to now making his debut at the Mixmag HQ, Leon Vynehall is a master of turning dancefloors into dance music utopias.

Paving the way with his initial club-focused release ‘Music for the Uninvited’, Vynehall has continued to expand his delivery of what house music can be by exploring the chemistry between electronica and his own personal stories. His 2021 album, ‘Rare, Forever’ is a perfect example of Vynehall’s capabilities by combining electronic textures to express a mixture of themes.

This time last year, Vynehall released his monumental fabric presents mix. The double LP featured over 30 tracks from friends and favourites of the British DJ and producer, from Skee Mask, to Or:la. Since then, his track from the album ‘Sugar Slip (The Lick)’ has been reworked by a collection of artists in a later release.



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