"House music is becoming more and more popular in the states every day, so this problem is only going to get worse. Stop with the woo-woo’s," pleads the petition.
To "woo-woo" or not to "woo-woo"? 
That is the question posed by one John Jones, who recently started a petition to "Stop 'Woo-Woo'-ing When DJs Play House Music." 
"We get it, you finally like house music even though it's been around for decades," Jones wrote. "There's no need to squawk like a pelican every five seconds." 
Jones is not alone. Take this 2018 Reddit post, titled "Alternatives to WOOT WOOT/OOH OOH Chant," for example: "Can't we think of something more interesting and less simple as a community? I know we can, just looking for ideas!" KazenOfficial wrote.
Few can pull off the dazzling visual spectacles of Miami's Ultra Music Festival.
The weekly gathering has played host to VNSSA, OMNOM, Lubelski and many more.
The ninth and final single, "Aurora," is a collaboration with STMPD RCRDS vet Blinders.
Even earlier, in 2015, another Redditor tried to tap into the community's talent for sleuthing to track down the origins of the "woo-woo." It proved unsuccessful. 
"I posted this thinking y'all being veteran ravers would know exactly what it is but it's still a big mystery that goes back decades," the user wrote. "Is this something that just 'happened?' Who is was the legendary First Douchebag that created this phenomenon? When did it begin? So many unanswered questions."
Is there such thing as a good case of the "woo-woos"? If not, you can add to Jones' efforts here
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“‘Lady Of The House’ is so much more than just women in house, it’s about women being creative and doing what they love to do.”
House music all night long—and all day.
Shot in Cape Town and directed by Emilie Badenhorst, the music video celebrates individuality and the experience of “strangeness.”
The group’s ID “It Gets Better” just became registered with ASCAP.
The popular electronica artist jam-packed fan-favorite tunes and drum breaks into his brief yet electrifying 40 minutes on stage.
Comprised of two new tracks, the release finds its edge in saucy vocals and booming basslines.
“Double Dip” has been in the works since 2019, when Lunoe wrote its infectious refrain with Madison Rose.
hau5trap will continue the mission of the artist’s original label, mau5trap, by seeking out global electronic pioneers in the house space.



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