Jakeshoredrive (via Instagram)
"It really makes me happy and ready for the day," wrote one student in a letter to Mr. P.
I wish my elementary school teacher played house music when we arrived for school. 
The self-proclaimed "Tech House Teacher" on TikTok, better known as Mr. P by his students, is a teacher based in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. P has been playing tech house bangers for his students to motivate them as they arrive to school each morning. One even penned a letter, urging him to keep it up.
"Dear Mr. P, can you please keep playing house music when we come into school in the morning?" reads the note. "It really makes me happy and ready for the day."
Mr. P is also pursuing a career as a DJ and producer, creating tech house tracks under the moniker Jakeshoredrive and releasing them on a number of notable record labels, like Hood Politics. And his educational methods seem to be gaining popularity:
Dance music artists are also topping the list of the most in-demand creators in the NFT space.
Play-Doh is proving to be an artistic medium for Nolan Wall, who has assembled a collection of colorful clay art pieces to honor Daft Punk, Porter Robinson and more.
Hardwell's "BLACK MAGIC" continues right where his heated third single, "F*CKING SOCIETY," left off.
TikTok has become an impeccable resource for creators and teachers like Mr. P to share unique perspectives on their daily lives. These inside looks aren't ones we'd otherwise see, and the ability to highlight such uplifting events is one of the app's silver linings.
But many artists and producers that turn to TikTok aren't entirely fond of its "here today, gone tomorrow" mindset. Dance music vet Gareth Emery recently shared the story of why he deleted his verified TikTok account, citing it a "hyper addictive" platform and "horrible for [his] mental health." 
Emery isn't wrong.
"Our brains are changing based on this interaction with digital technologies and one of these is time compression," Dr. Julie Albright, a sociologist specializing in digital culture and communications, told Forbes. "Our attention spans are lowering."
Lennon is a music journalist who has contributed to EDM.com for over five years. A seasoned music business reporter, his writings bridge the gap between education and technology through a musical lens. He is also the host of the music business podcast When Life Hands You Lennons and founder of his own electronic music website, EDM In A Soda.
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Dance music may be a new way of getting a whole new generation excited about music education.
“I really feel like this remix is the epitome of life giving you lemons and you turning it into lemonade.”
The new single comes just weeks after Rich DietZ’s throwback remix of Cassie’s 2006 track “Me & You.”
“Double Dip” has been in the works since 2019, when Lunoe wrote its infectious refrain with Madison Rose.
“‘Lady Of The House’ is so much more than just women in house, it’s about women being creative and doing what they love to do.”
The songwriter, producer, and multi-talented musician discusses writing music with The Chainsmokers and the secret formula for writing a hit song.
Uncle Tics has impressive drum & bass taste.
“I really wanted to make a throwback track to honor that classic sound.”




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