First you have to start your VCL Audio Stream by clicking below :

A) Once Butt is running you have this : BUTT-tutorial

1) Click on Settings.

B) The settings panel : BUTT-tutorial-settings-main

1) Click the ADD button.

C) The server settings window : BUTT-tutorial-settings-main-add-server

1) Enter the name you want.

2) Select your stream type. (Most of time we provide icecast audio streams, but for various reasons some customers asked for a shoutcast one).

3) Enter your server address, something like:

4) Enter your port number.

5) Type your password.

6) Your mount point is: /deejay

7) Click the ADD button.

D) Now you are back to Butt’s settings selectthe Audio tab :


1) Select your audio device.

2) Select your bitrate , most of time 128K.

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