Second Life High Quality Audio Streams

Our goal is the best QUALITY and INNOVATIVE options

with your second life stream !

Why VCL is different than others streams providers ?

Our technologie is there to promote your events…



  • Make your events available to all over the world
  • Live AUDIO/VIDEO player for FACEBOOK
  • Auto advertised streams, your event is sent to events SL GROUPS
  • Monetize your stream (Sponsors audio jingles, Advertised Tipjars, Advertised Sploders, Automatized group request)
  • You have your own ATM no need to look for a place where to renew a rental.
  • Full access to the website :
    * DJ/Club profile , upload one mix in order clubs owner or listeners can discover your style.
    * Events manager add your gigs.
    * Add your availabilities in order clubs owner ask you for a gig.


  • Multiple Datacenters EUROPE/USA/CANADA/ASIA (Change it at anytime on the website by one click)
  • You have a backup stream (Start it at anytime on the website by one click and have your stream always available !)



  • Select and change your stream version : Shoutcast 1.9 / Shoutcast 2 / Icecast 2
  • Hybrid technology available
  • AutoDj available
  • Up to 320 kbps
  • Your Stream Manager on the website (Change password or restart your stream at anytime !)
  • Personalized URL (e.g
  • Streams Listeners Geo-located and Listeners Statistics on the website


  • Affiliate program, each payment done on your ATM by an other dj, you keep 10%, your percent evolve with your customers number. (contact dj Koltai in second life)
  • Franchise program, also available, now you can start your own stream business ! (contact dj Koltai in second life)

Security informations :


As all of you start to be informed about that grieffers attacks by crashing are diverse and varied. Today they are no longer just crash the simulator, but they also attack deejays and club’s stream.
VCL offers VIDEO/AUDIO streams secured against grieffers attacks.
What Linden Lab is not doing for you, VCL do it !


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