Broadcasting with a real Shoutcast / Icecast Server

The configuration is the same as you do when you direct broadcast from your Computer. Just change the Streaming option to ‘Stream to a server’. Now enter your Streaming Server login data in the given fields and that’s it.

1) Click the “record” button and select the “broadcast” menu :

Vdj 1

Vdj 2

2) Click the config button to open the configuration window :

Vdj 3

3) Enter your stream informations like below :

For streaming in MP3 format you also need the lame_enc.dll as described above.

For IceCast connection, the server field in VirtualDJ broadcast settings, must contain the mountpoint : /deejay

Vdj 4

4) Start broadcasting by clicking “START RECORDING” :

Vdj 5

Connected to your broadcasted service you should see :

Vdj 6 2022


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