For years, fans have been under the impression that the anonymous Deathpact project was operated by one artist.
Blink and you may have missed it.
Deathpact made quite a scene at this year's Shambhala Music Festival, returning to the event that hosted the anonymous electronic music artist's debut back in 2019.
Despite the recurring phrase "We are Deathpact" frequently appearing in the artist's branding, fans have long been under the impression that the project was operated by one artist. So Shambhala attendees were naturally gobsmacked when a second masked Deathpact member appeared onstage to perform at the tail end of their performance.
When we worked to unravel the mysterious world of Deathpact last year, we demystified a series of riddles embedded in the artist's Discord server, "Deathcord," which is tantamount to a labyrinth with cryptic clues and ambiguous cyphers. But after Shambhala 2022, it seems the enigma of Deathpact is a little more clear.
The DJ says she was asleep at home when the suspects violently "kicked the front door in."
Her name is Kavi and she's got an adorable studio setup featuring a drum pad, DAW, synthesizer and more.
Pfirter has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to replace the stolen gear, which includes a Roland SH-101 synthesizer and two Apple MacBook laptops.
But not really. The identity of Deathpact remains tightly sealed, and it's possible that the outfit has more members surreptitiously working behind the scenes. Some fans have even surmised Deathpact could eventually be revealed as a supergroup.
Many believe Zeds Dead are involved with Deathpact, citing the project's stylistic music direction and close alliance with the duo's venerated record label, Deadbeats. However, it's important to note that those claims remain unfounded.
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Take a deep dive into the chronology and mystery leading up to the release of the enigmatic Deathpact’s “Split // Personality.”
Ahead of her upcoming shows in New York City and Arizona, REZZ told fans to look out for two unreleased dream collaborations with Deathpact and VOYD.
REZZ and Deathpact have a massive midtempo track on their hands.
Who is Deathpact?
A sound bite in “Ether” has ignited fan speculation as to Deathpact’s identity.
REZZ’s hotly anticipated album is due out in fall 2021.
Another beloved music festival bites the dust due to the impact of COVID-19.




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