“Existence is an ever-evolving process fed by growth. As we step into the future, bonded to the senses that govern our perception, we are absorbed into the atmosphere advancing our connection to everything that is. The human experience is an unthinkable phenomenon which must not lay to waste.”

David Castellani is a techno producer and modular synthesist with a main focus on peak-time, dance floor-driven tracks. David’s sound, fueled by an array of analog hardware, showcases the intricate aspects of modern music production, while staying true to the fundamentals that inspire you to let loose on a dark warehouse floor.

Living in Los Angeles, David launched his record imprint Noetic in 2021, which cultivates smart and dynamic techno music. With a heavy focus on modular synthesizers and analog hardware, both Castellani and Noetic feature a boundary-pushing feel, filled with hypnotic sound design, explosive lead lines, futuristic sound palettes, and driven rhythms.




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