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Fans will also be able to receive a deadmau5-branded virtual or physical debit card, which can be used at 45 million merchants worldwide.
Canadian electronic music icon deadmau5 has formed a groundbreaking partnership with Zytara, an innovative fintech company, to change virtual banking as we know it.
The partnership will offer the first-ever branded digital banking experience, according to a press release shared with EDM.com. Zytara's technology is said to enable fans to "interact with deadmau5's brand" through the company's banking app, where they can discover merchandise, concerts, pop-ups and more.
Fans will also be able to receive a deadmau5-branded virtual or physical debit card, which can be used at 45 million merchants worldwide.
Zytara's debit cards with deadmau5 branding.
The DJ says she was asleep at home when the suspects violently "kicked the front door in."
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Pfirter has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to replace the stolen gear, which includes a Roland SH-101 synthesizer and two Apple MacBook laptops.
This shape-shifting partnership is the latest in a series of ambitious tech plays from deadmau5. His and Richie Hawtin's PIXELYNX recently shared the first look at the company's upcoming mobile game, ELYNXIR.
"I'm always on the look-out for ways to use technology to change experiences, which is why I was really excited when Zytara came my way—no one else is thinking about banking the way they are by making it easy to hold and transact in crypto, NFTs, and stablecoins, in addition to fiat currency," deadmau5 said. "As a gamer and music artist who loves tech, Zytara has created a real user-friendly world for digital life."
deadmau5 will also be joining Zytara's advisory board to help enhance their creative direction. 
"deadmau5 is a pioneer in using innovative, new technologies in creative ways, which is why we see this relationship as more than a typical partnership," added Al Burgio, Zytara's CEO and founder. "In addition to working with deadmau5 to develop the interactive and branded Zytara banking app, we are also welcoming him to Zytara's Advisory Board to help enhance the creative direction for Zytara moving forward."
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