The Midheaven tour will see the mysterious collective perform in Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver and Orlando on the same night.
Deathpact are multiplying at an alarming rate.
Last month, fans were shocked to see a second Deathpact member taking the stage at Shambhala Music Festival. Now, four years after the inception of the anonymous project, it seems two more have emerged from the depths.
On their cryptic Twitter profile, videos were shared that ended with "11" and "4" flashing on the screen briefly. Not long after that, they shared a distorted video that ended with four ovals reminiscent of the cybernetic mask of Deathpact.
Deathpact ultimately announced Midheaven, a four-show tour with an eyebrow-raising catch. On Friday, November 4th, Deathpact will play four different shows on the same night across four corners of North America.
The DJ says she was asleep at home when the suspects violently "kicked the front door in."
Her name is Kavi and she's got an adorable studio setup featuring a drum pad, DAW, synthesizer and more.
Pfirter has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to replace the stolen gear, which includes a Roland SH-101 synthesizer and two Apple MacBook laptops.
Interestingly enough, each member of the collective has been assigned their own unique symbol, leading to much speculation. Although there are countless theories circulating at the time of writing, the identities of the Deathpact collective are not yet known. We're unable to confirm who is behind the project and its definitive number of members.
While the puzzling tour leaves fans with more questions, the cast of supporting artists joining them on the road is very clear. Joining the Midheaven tour are Effin, Hydraulix, Kumarion, Barnacle Boi, Coltcuts, Deadcrow and LYNY.
The shows are going down at the 1720 Warehouse, Webster Hall, Celebrities and The Vanguard in Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver and Orlando, respectively. You can learn more about the unique tour here.
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