Amélie Lens, Belgium’s prized gem in the world of techno, is revered for her powerful sets that command any stage she graces. A self-proclaimed night owl, Lens’ penchant for the raw and powerful elements of techno have made her one of the most iconic figures in the scene.

Lens has been a beacon of talent and passion in the electronic music scene, gracing the stages of some of the world’s most formidable music festivals. Her stint in the 2016 edition of the world-renowned Dour Festival signaled the dawn of an illustrious career. A year later, she commanded the stage at Awakenings, a globally renowned electronic music event in the Netherlands, a performance that solidified her status as a techno titan.

2018 saw Lens at the helm of immense festivals like Sonus, Time Warp, and Movement Detroit, where her blistering sets left audiences spellbound. The most staggering milestone came in 2019, as she played a five-hour epic set at the Tomorrowland, the biggest electronic music festival.

Lens’ discography has always been a testament to her compelling and unique approach to techno. Bursting onto the scene in 2016, her debut EP, “Exhale”, took the techno community by storm with its hard-hitting grooves and hypnotic melodies. She continued to shape her sound with releases like “Contradiction” (2017), “Stay With Me” (2017), and the captivating “Basiel” EP (2018).

In 2018, Lens founded her own record label, LENSKE. The cornerstone of LENSKE is its founder’s commitment to supporting emerging talent in the scene. The likes of Farrago, Milo Spykers, and AIROD have all had releases under the imprint, developing and delivering unparalleled techno anthems.

Her most recent venture, “Weight Of The Land” (2021), exhibits her capacity to consistently innovate, producing tracks filled with energetic beats and riveting melodies. Each release from Lens represents a unique exploration of techno, exhibiting her passion for the genre and her dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible within it.

Amélie Lens exemplifies authenticity and creativity in the techno scene, not just through her music, but through her dedication to nurturing talent within the industry. As she continues to make her mark on the world of electronic music, her journey surely serves as inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.




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