Numerous pieces of research have proven that music has different effects on us, depending on the type of music. When we’re sad, we listen to emotional songs to empower ourselves and fight the blues.
Similarly, we listen to empowering and rhythmic songs to boost our levels of happiness, especially in the need for luck. To reach the upbeat state of mind, you can turn on your favorite electronic music songs and land a jackpot here:
Yet, you must be careful with your gambling behavior when listening to electronic music. As other types of music boost your mood, electronic music in a casino can speed up your gambling experience. You may end up chasing your losses if you start losing too much, and that’s when the cookie crumbles.
Here are some facts you should know about electronic music and how it shapes the casino experience:
EDM, techno, and house music have become popular in the recent decade. While the history of electronic music dates back to the 1950s, it wasn’t until the 1980s for the genre to gain some popularity.
It is believed that the first electronic music song was recorded in 1957 and is called “Tom Dissevelt’s Song of The Second Moon”. Popular tracks rocking it decades ago have become popular among the youth, accompanying rave parties and hours of dancing.
Eventually, electronic music has broken into the mainstream, with many people experimenting with their favorite sounds, musical textures, and artists. While some popular tracks like “Gold Dust” By Galantis and “Bridges” by Broodes will comfort you while you’re sad, some will hype you up and boost your betting behavior.
You may have noticed the relaxing background music of most slot machines. Like electronic music, different types of music can influence your brain differently when betting. There have been plenty of slots with soothing music to keep gamblers relaxed inside the casino. However, the trend is changing, as many casino software developers started using electronic music and its upbeat rhythm to stimulate gamblers to play more.
Electronic music helps your brain produce more dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline, encouraging you to go for the big wins and think about the losses later. For this reason, you must be careful with your gambling behavior when listening to it and stay mindful of your betting habits.
The upbeat rhythm of electronic music boosts the pace, and with a higher pace come more frequent winnings. Of course, you may lose funds faster, but most people focus on what they win when gambling. As mentioned earlier, your brain can produce more dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline, thanks to electronic music, which may push you to overestimate your bets and play more games.
Every big win is celebrated ten times better and louder, thanks to electronic music. You can get in a state of spinning and waiting for the next win until you gamble it all. Or maybe win big, depending on your luck.
If you’ve frequently been gambling, you might’ve noticed a dull atmosphere that neither keeps you entertained nor bored. You’re somewhat in the middle, waiting for a win to head to the next game.
What’s missing is the ambient electronic music in your background, which boosts your mood and improves the atmosphere for the entire gambling session. You may even start dancing and vibing in the rhythm with each consecutive win you get.
So, next time you decide to visit an online casino, make sure to listen to tracks like “Hideaw”y” by Kiesza, “Bangarang” by Skrillex, or “Bunnydance” by Oliver Heldens – they are sure to enhance your gambling experience.
Playing video games on electronic music improves your focus and allows you to think each step through. The same goes for online gambling – you can focus and think through each slot, pick and switch if you don’t feel it performs well enough when listening to electronic music.
Your reaction time and focus will be on track for each win but beware of your decision-making. Playing on high stakes just because of the music may not be the move if you’re trying to stay in the casino for longer.
The downside of electronic music is that it can lead to a quicker gambling addiction. The upbeat rhythm gets you in a focused mood, looking for the next win. However, you may not be counting your losses in the meantime and a big win may be insignificant when compared to the losses.
Studies show that gambling addiction rates could be nine times higher than casinos are willing to admit. Therefore, you mustn’t take gambling lightly, as it can be a serious issue. It doesn’t matter whether you have a few thousand or millions – casinos would accept them all. Slots and casino gameplay are created just for entertainment, not to win money every time you enter.
As you can see, electronic music has its advantages and downsides when combined with gambling. You can jump into a perfect mood and enjoy your time gambling your favorite tracks but you must know the right time to stop and take a break even when the music doesn’t stop.
Many casino software providers have started incorporating electronic music into their slots to keep you entertained and influence your decision-making. It would be best if you could get the best of both worlds and enjoy the music while controlling your gambling.
Image Credit: Danny Mahoney / Provided by Wynn Las Vegas
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