An intimate intersection between modern music, contemporary dance, modular synthesis and film.
Step into a unique convergence of expression and sensory experience as modular synthesist David Castellani is joined by contemporary dancer AnnMarie Arcuri in guiding you through a captivating creative journey.

Dissolving the familiar confines of modern music and dance, Hysteria Dichotic is paired with beautiful cinematography that envelops the viewer into a visceral experience.

This is Castellani’s first collaboration with AnnMarie Arcuri. Their creation is physics in motion, as the dancer becomes a visual depiction of the electronic music making process, flowing to represent the transfer of electricity to kinetic energy.

David Castellani is an aficionado in all things modular. Since 2021, he runs his own label Noetic, which cultivates the creation of smart and dynamic techno with a focus on synthesizers and analog hardware. The label has homed seven releases from Castellani so far, featuring remixes from Redshape, Matrixxman, Voiski and Etapp Kyle.

AnnMarie Arcuri is a New York-born contemporary dancer and motion capture artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts. She has danced/performed works by Laurence Blake, Dimitri Chamblas, Peter Chu, Rennie Harris, Wayne McGregor, and Spenser Theberge. As a motion capture artist, she has worked on Coldplay’s ‘My Universe’ and holds down a professional position for AMGI Animation studios.

Castellani wishes to acknowledge that First Nations Australians are the traditional owners of the didgeridoo, a wind instrument he uses in his live sets. He pays his respects to all First Nations people.



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