Indira Paganotto at Cercle Festival 2024 (A380 Stage)

Take off with Indira Paganotto’s signature psytrance set from the A380 stage at Cercle Festival 2024.
An artistic performance supported by W Hotels, luxury lifestyle hotels in over 50 destinations worldwide:

Thanks to our partners Mane & ScentAir for composing and diffusing the Cercle Golden Hour fragrance during the festival.

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☞ About Indira Paganotto

Indira Paganotto fashions a sonic imprint full of groove and forcefulness, drawing from psytrance, acid and techno. For over a decade, the Spanish DJ and producer has been mixing a vast variety of genres with hints of organic acid, reminiscent of her eclectic musical heritage.

Listen to Indira Paganotto – Blackbird SR-71 on all streaming platforms:

☞ About Cercle Festival 2024

Cercle Festival 2024 brought together 3 stages, 37 artists and 24,000 music enthusiasts on the tarmac of the National Air & Space Museum of France. This majestic metropolitan site features an impressive collection of air and space travel artefacts—notably the Ariane V rocket & the A380 and Concorde aircrafts that form the three stages of the festival. As a former airfield, it was the starting point for the first airline flights to Brussels and London in 1919 and witnessed Charles Lindbergh’s historic North Atlantic flight in 1927.

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This artistic performance has been recorded live.


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