Dark electronic music is quite simply an exciting musical genre that mixes together the best of traditional, old school dance music with cutting edge new age sounds. It was created in response to today’s new style of evolving and growing music, and also it owes a lot of its popularity on the internet to the World Wide Web. In fact, many DJs from around the world have gained popularity simply by playing dark electronic music at their live parties. The best part is that this music actually has some fantastic effects on people’s emotions and sense of wonder and excitement.
There are many popular dark electronic dance music artists out there. Some names include Carl Cox, Mark Kang, Aaron Spectre, Aaron Watson, and many others. These artists and many more play music that make you shake, tingle, and be completely psyched out. This type of music is very uplifting and energizing. Most of it tends to have a slightly sinister undertone, but this is cut short and sweet when it comes to dark electronic dance music.
One of the most popular sub-genres of dark electronic music out there today is called “warehouse.” This style tends to be very underground and not promoted much. However, it is filled with killer tracks that are hard to find. Many DJs who specialize in this kind of dark techno tend to work alone and are not interested in touring or promoting their music. They basically only focus on coming up with crazy, complex, and intense tracks that are sure to get the club up and dancing.
Other dark electronic music artists include those such as Noisemakers, Downside, DJ Craze, and so many others. Of course, there are a lot of others as well. All you have to do is look them up online. There is no limit to the dark electronic music that’s out there.
Dark dance music tends to be about heavy chords, low beats, and a dark mood. It’s about laying back and letting your mind become one with the groove. Some dark techno songs will have slow continuous drumbeats while others will have fast, constant beeps. It all depends on the artist and the kind of music they are trying to make. The good thing is, you don’t really need a large sound system to listen to dark techno; it’s loud enough for a normal size house.
Some dark music artists like to segregate their music into different genres. They might be hard rock, hard techno, hard pop, or some combination. Some even go so far as to create entire albums on top of one dark music genre. These are typically known as an “epic collection.” If you are looking for only the best dark music then these collections are definitely for you.
Another great place to find dark dance music is online. You can check out many different dark DJ compilations online at little to no cost. Most of them are free to download and will often include a download link to the actual song in question. What better way to really give the dance a whole new feel than with a compilation CD of the very best dark techno out there. Sometimes you can find new artists that haven’t made a record yet and these compilations may contain some of their stuff as well.
Don’t forget your fair share of underground dance record labels if you are serious about digging up some dark electronic music. There is a whole world of talented musicians out there that would love to take your money and make a whole album of dark dance music. Many people have been doing this for years. Why shouldn’t you? With the technology that’s out there, it’s really easier than ever to get what you want. So dig deep into your heart’s desire and give the dark side a listen.
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