It’s pretty hard to describe anything from Burning Man without using phrases, sounding pathetic or cheesy.
So maybe I shouldn’t try. Or I just don’t care about it?
Pablo asked for a little intro about my set in the tie-up night with Robot Heart when I played the Mayan Warrior art car, so here we go:
Every night, when the Mayan Warrior art car leaves its camp on it’s way to the deep playa it feels pretty sublime, like a wake up call for the rave kids with this drum beats, like a ritual where they follow it’s spiritual leader, the warrior dancer follow their flagship art car, it’s getting more and more crowded, surrounded by hundreds of bikes and of course I’m super nervous entering this elevated Dj booth, shaking from the bass or is it just me? And from one moment to another I am in the middle of lasers and fire, I am taking over the booth and after a second I’ve forgotten every fear and just start playing…

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Photo by Shayan Tesla
Cover design by Alvaro Manzo



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