Celebrating episode 300 of Purified radio, Nora En Pure follows once again her love for nature and brings you mesmerizing sounds and sights from the Exumas.
Teaming up with non profit ‘Beneath the Waves’ this set takes place on their research vessel and gives this milestone episode a deeper purpose, shining light on ocean conservation 🌊

If you also love our oceans and want to protect stunning sights like these, you can contribute now through the fundraiser. 100% will go straight to research & conservation projects of ‘Beneath The Waves’.


Beneath the Waves is a global ocean conservation non-profit, dedicated to promoting ocean health and using science and technology to catalyze ocean policy.
To learn more and support their work, visit https://beneaththewaves.org/


Camera Team – Sami Kattan, Justin Bruns

Underwater Cinematography – Sami Kattan, André Musgrove

Additional production & marine operations – Scotty Gray, Abel Gaibort, Jaran Rolle, Jamie Fitzgerald, Austin Gallagher

Special Thanks – David Harris, Emmerson Wright, Grand Isle Resort, Verijet, Wavelength Images




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