In this set, I wanted to share some of the music that had a big impact on me.
The idea was to tell a story and to bring all of us together into a state of trance
I played a lot of early 90s Acid music, New Out of Orbit & Eitan Reiter stuff and even some LOUD 🙂
Super happy about this one, I hope you Enjoy it !

An Eyechant Production
Directed by Ben Kirschenbaum
Cam Ops Daniel Vogman, Shira Houminer, Dor Revivo ,Ben Kirschenbaum

This video was created to celebrate the human experience
with the utmost respect for the people lensed,
we hope this resounds and spreads joy ♡

Tracklist :

00:00 Poltergeist – Vicious Circles (Union Jack Remix)
05:45 Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch Of Ten
08:40 LOUD & Domestic – Vinyl Sh!t
12:30 Der Dritte Raum – Trommelmaschine
14:20 Koxbox – Acid Vol 3 (Out of Orbit & Sandman Remix)
20:40 Spectral – Moonstone
24:00 System7 – Alpha Wave ( Plastikman acid house Remix )
27:00 Pachanga Boys – Black Naga
29:15 X-Dream – Stoned (Eitan Reiter & PRZ Remix)
32:40 Out of Orbit & Sandman – The New World
38:40 X-Dream – Our Own Happiness
46:40 X-Dream – Radiohead (Der Dritte Raum Remix)
49:30 Son Kite – Massive
56:00 Cosma – Minimal Vertical
01:01:15 Hikikomori – Black Ops (Ott ???)
01:05:30 Loud – Shores of Titan
01:11:20 Out of Orbit – Mars
01:18:30 Out of Orbit – Acid Shower
01:26:00 X-Dream – Coming Soon
01:31:40 Cosma – People On Hold
01:39:30 Out of Orbit – Bruce Lee
01:46:00 Out of Orbit & Sandman – Moon Lemonade (Live Mix)
01:54:00 Oforia – Special Offer (Out of Orbit Remix)
01:59:30 The Muses Rapt – Spiritual Healing (Eitan Reiter & PRZ Remix)
02:04:00 LOUD – Small Talk

Follow Out of Orbit:

Eitan Reiter goes Out of Orbit!
One of electronic music’s more prolific and diverse voices has a new project.
Out of Orbit sees Eitan venture into the world of Psychedelic Trance from a different perspective, the outcome of exploring music and sound and extrapolating them into Psytrance. Eitan is well known as one half of LOUD in the Psytrance world and from his ventures into Techno, Acid & Downtempo music as well as a sought-after remixer under his own name. He now takes things up a notch.
Eitan took more than a year away from touring to spend time in the studio and concentrate on making music. He started this adventure with a blank open mind and no intended direction, and Out of Orbit is the outcome. The project is sort of a collective brainstorming on synthesizers that includes a lot of collaborations with good friends and personal heroes, mostly based on live jams in the studio full of analog sounds.
Out of Orbit is about a musical story, about going deep into trance, about shattering genres and borders, it’s a trip through sound. It’s also about trying to give back and tribute the culture that Eitan feels gave him so much. Some of the musicians involved in this project include: Shpongle, Art of Trance (Simon Berry), X-Dream, Astrix, Astral Projection, Cosma, Perfect Stranger, Gorovich, Dekel & Rocky Tilbor.

#Psytrance #PsychedelicTrance #Electronica #OutofOrbit #EitanReiter




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