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During our set in Boom it was one of our best moments in our career ..
To play on this stage after 2 years of pandemic it was very emotional.
Beside our set were really enjoy to be at Boom .. to see all our friends and fans around the world and to have Good time together and to make the boom experience 🙂 and to see all the people smiling and celebrating their FREEDOM after 2 hard years and also for us it was a great adventure.
The energies from the crowd during our set was unbelievable… was really magical.
And for our subscribers press play and ENJOY 🙂 .
Coming next our performance from Ozora and lots of new music is coming !

So Boomers !!!
Thank u for all the energies on the dance floor it was the best experience in our life.
We will not forget this moment for years!! 👊🏻❤️

Video by the amazing Brazilian team of Up Audiovisual!

Track list:
1. Avalon – Rise Up (Outsiders Remix)
2. Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
3. Outsiders Vs. AJJA – Divine Particals
4. Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblin (Outsiders and Space Cat Remix)
5. Altruism – Closer Reality (Outsiders Remix)
6. Outsiders & Mandala – Forest Of Reality
7. Space Cat & Kido – Kreak Part II (Outsiders Remix)
8. Electric Universe – The Prayer (Outsiders Remix)
9. Outsiders – Randomalica
10. Killerwatts – Wake Up (Outsiders & Burn In Noise and Altruism Remix) [Unrelease]
11. Man With No Name – Possessed (Acid Punks Remix) [Unrelease]
12. Outsiders – NN [Unrelease]
13. Astrix – Scientific Reality (Outsiders Remix) [Unrelease]
14. Acid Punks & Fungus Funk – NN [Unrelease]
15. Outsiders & Polarity – Cosmic Freaks
16. Technical Hitch – Mama India (Outside The Universe Remix)

Boom ❤️

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Outsiders is the exciting project of two significant producers based in sunny Israel – Haim Lev & Guy Malka.
The Outsiders name has been fast developing and their releases have been backed and supported by an impressive number of international covering pretty much of the the top international circuit.Outsiders have released a bundle of successful original releases and a bountiful collaboration & remix tracks from the likes of Tristan, Symbolic, Laughing Buddha, Avalon, Electric Universe, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, to name few.
The Outsiders sound is always evolving and is highly influenced by the duos global interactions.

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