Pendulum Debut New Music During Secret Set at Reading Festival 2022 –

Charlie Cummings
Pendulum performed an unreleased remix of Enter Shikari’s "Sorry You’re Not a Winner" during the performance, their first U.K. show as a full band since 2018.
Pendulum are gaining some momentum again. 
The revered electronic music group performed a surprise set at Reading Festival 2022 and dropped a fiery, unreleased remix of Enter Shikari's "Sorry You're Not a Winner." 
Pendulum teased the secret set prior to jumping on the fest's BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage. The ensuing performance marked the iconic group's first U.K. show as a full band since 2018. They opened with "Driver, which was their first new song in over a decade after it dropped in 2020.
"We are Pendulum," shouted the band's Gareth McGrillen. "Surprise motherfuckers. Let's blow this fucking roof off."
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The remix came about when McGrillen and Rob Swire got in touch with Enter Shikari, the famed British rock band. They were thinking about remixing "Sorry You're Not a Winner." Rou Reynolds, the band's lead singer, approved and was excited to begin working with Pendulum on the track.
"Gareth [McGrillen] and Rob [Swire] just got in touch and basically said they're thinking about doing a remix of 'Sorry You're Not a Winner,' and I was like, 'Okay sick!' Reynolds told NME. "They sent it over, and there's a lot of different demo changes in that track so I was like 'this is so interesting, what are they going to do with it?' And it's so good. It's killer."
But the remix hasn't been easy for Reynolds' vocals. The song was written in 2003 and released in 2007. Reynolds says he was younger then, so some of the vox are a bit difficult for him to sing now.
"Because sub-bass works better at certain frequencies they've had to raise the key of [the] track," Reynolds added. "And you know, this track came out in 2007, I wrote it in 2003, so I could perhaps reach those high notes a little better, and they've raised it another tone, tone and a half, so it's up there. So I'm hoping I have some vocal chords left after our own set to destroy with Pendulum."
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Pendulum is officially back!
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Pendulum thankfully won’t be waiting another decade to release music.
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Rob Swire already has his mind on the next Pendulum record.
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Shortly after their performance, Rob Swire identified the unreleased collaboration on Twitter.




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