Solar Solstice 21.06.2022 – the longest day of the year and I decided to drag my DJ gear out to a little island in the Ostrobothnian archipelago in mid west Finland to record this relaxed and emotional set during the magical midnight sun. Hope you’ll feel the energy and vibez behind it 🙂

I’m playing without external sound and therefore also with no cue sound, so to hide the beat-matching gets a bit tricky so you might hear the mistakes. But as I always like to point out – DJing without sync is rarely perfect 🙂 I do my video recordings on my own, so every time I’m out of frame is to restart or check up on the cameras. I struggled a bit with my “stage” that I was standing on so had to do some adjustments on it during the set. I also do the editing of my videos on my own and hope you like the way I try my best to record and edit to make it enjoyable and interesting to not just listen but to also watch 🙂

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Eelke Klein , Guy Gerber , Monolink , Placebo



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