Rekordbox Tip: Different Color FX On Every Channel! + Your DJing Questions Answered

Phil Morse is live from the Digital DJ Tips studio, to help you with any DJing challenges – This week we give you a Rekordbox tip on mapping different Color FX to each channel, plus advice on staying inspired as a DJ, how to play multi-decade DJ sets, and more!

0:00 Intro
2:40 How to map different Color FX to each channel using Rekordbox software
8:41 Rekordbox 6 Made Easy course (sneak peek)
11:41 What should I do when my hard drive fills up with music?
15:05 Are there any mid-range DJ controllers coming in 2023?
18:23 Can you sync two versions of the same DJ software on separate computers?
22:16 What’s the benefit of using a Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 with a FLX10?
23:43 Any tips on using Ableton Live’s warp feature to beatgrid tracks?
24:58 How do you stay inspired to record mixes without a crowd?
26:43 For using Stems, should I get the Rane Four or Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10?
29:41 Does your Rekordbox DJ course cover library management?
36:04 Which Rekordbox standalone unit should I buy?
36:35 A lot of venues around me have closed, so is DJing in clubs still the right goal?
39:02 Are online record pools a good way to start building a music collection?
42:46 For cross-decade, open format DJing, how do you choose the next track?

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