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Beatport has teamed up with SEMCON — Scotland’s first electronic music conference — for an exclusive livestream on Thursday, August 5th.

15:00:00 – The History of Electronic Music in Scotland
16:10:00 Pioneer DJ Presents Rekordbox 6
17:10:00 Electronic Music Inclusive Initiative
17:45:00 PRS Presentation 17:45:00 PM
18:15:00 YES SHE CAN
19:05:00 De-Stigmatizing Mental Health Through the Music That Connects Us
19:45:00 Promoting A Global Superstar

Featuring 20 esteemed speakers from various corners of the music industry, a product showcase, masterclasses, and wrapping up with a live DJ performance, the free and inclusive event aims to inspire and educate attendees about the rich history of Scotlands electronic music scene.

Spearheaded by Derek McNee, the managing director of Digital:Groove Records, he will be joined at the virtual conference by legends like Mike Grieve from Glasgow’s famous Sub Club and Hacienda’s Graeme Park. Along with other well-known speakers, the group panels will touch on subjects like diversity, mental health, and the Scottish scene’s future while offering up their views, insights, and tips from every aspect of the industry.


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