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Our 2018 DJ of the year delivers a flawless hour of club-focused energy

“For my Mixmag cover mix I just wanted to give readers an idea of some of the things I’ve been playing out in my sets recently. With only an hour or so to play with I decided not to go too crazy with the BPM ranges or polyrhythmic excursions of other recent mixes of mine, but I still wanted to thread together my usual broad range of styles while keeping it relatively accessible and party-friendly overall – at least by my standards.

“It’s mostly new(ish) material with a couple of older records thrown in, weaving its way through techno, breakbeat, electro, deconstructed club, garage and acid – a good example of what I might play in the first hour of a longer set, perhaps, before potentially venturing further into faster electro or IDM or jungle or slowing it way down later on.”


1/ Toxe – Honey Island
2/ Charlotte Bendiks – Moped Jacks
3/ Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Drive Shift (The Hacker remix)
4/ M.E.S.H. – Festival Circuit
5/ Laksa – It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before
6/ Jaguar – Animal
7/ People Plus – Work It Out
8/ Patrick Conway – Paddled Cell Mates
9/ The 15 Dead Minutes – Society Now
10/ Literally no idea after hours of searching – sorry everyone
11/ Helena Hauff – Lifestyle Guru
12/ Group A – Alibi
13/ Evol – Wabbit Trax 2
14/ Jade Statues – Machine Birth
15/ Marcel Dettmann – Ascending
16/ Truncate – Wave 1’ (Ray Kajioka remix)
17/ Selección Natural – Necton
18/ Lag – Rutra
19/ DJ Stingray – The Sadist (Cestrian remix)
20/ Seldom Seen – Shin Slide
21/ Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – HRL6
22/ Sebastian Kramer – Razor
23/ Fred – Clap Your Hands
24/ Interviews – Past Echos
25/ Quartz – Meltdown’ (El-B Untitled Mix 1)
26/ Vester Koza – My Well Crap Car’ (Mardy mix)




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