One of the most impactful names etched in the world of electronic music today, Charlotte De Witte centers herself in the captivating realm of techno. Born on July 21, 1993, in Ghent, Belgium, De Witte swiftly manifested a depth of passion and significant expertise that has seen her cultivate a brand that is remarkably hers – dark, pulsing and immersive, powering through commands on the techno turf that are genuinely striking.

From her initial foray into the industry under the alias Raving George, her evolution to the Charlotte De Witte we know today is teeming with an indomitable self-expression and memorable, heart-thumping techno stints that make her an unparalleled force.

Festival Appearances

De Witte has graced the stage at some of the most substantial electronic music festivals around the world. From Tomorrowland in her home country Belgium, where she’s been a persistent figure since 2011, to Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival, her footprints resonate across the globe. Her enchanting sets at Time Warp, Sonus, Awakenings, and Connect bring life to the electronic scenes in Germany and Croatia. De Witte’s explosive power pulses through Ibiza’s iconic Techno venue, Circoloco, and fuses the crowd into a singular, mesmerizing entity.


With an aggressive and robust approach, De Witte’s discography reveals an intriguing sensitivity beneath her imposing sound exterior. Her 2015 E.P., ‘Weltschmerz,’ provided the perfect springboard, translating ‘world-pain’ into techno in her unmistakable style. This was followed by 2017’s ‘Voices of The Ancient’ and ‘Closer’ on Mary Go Wild Black, compelling listeners to delve into the mysterious realms of her music. Her ‘Brussels EP’ and ‘The Healer’ surfaced in 2018, cementing her reputation for delivering desolate, melancholic techno with consistent sophistication. Most recently, De Witte’s ‘Asura’ and ‘You’re Mine’ EP extend the powerful appeal of this Belgian electronic music maestro.

KNTXT Music Label

Showcasing her versatility and creative dynamism, De Witte established her music label – KNTXT, in 2019. KNTXT transcends beyond just a label; it is a party concept, a radio show, and an art outlet. KNTXT’s mission resonates with her vision: to stand as a trustworthy space, underlining quality, composure, and a vibrant passion for techno, all trademarks of De Witte’s charismatic persona.

In conclusion, Charlotte De Witte stands as a young but prominent figure in techno – a fierce yet profoundly sensitive artist churning explosive beats while laying bare vulnerability, all wrapped up in the entrancing palette of her music.




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