Electronic Dance Music Awards
Electronic dance music fans from around the world made their voices heard in deciding who is best-in-class across over two dozen categories.
Electronic dance music fans have spoken.
The Electronic Dance Music Awards heard from the global EDM fandom, who eagerly cast their votes on this year's best-in-class songs, artists, companies and more across a wide range of over two dozen diverse categories. The awards recognize the music and people whose achievements helped push the envelope of electronic music.
The 2023 EDMA’s will be presented live from Miami at an exclusive, invite-only ceremony, the organization confirmed to EDM.com. They have also partnered with RCRDSHP, who will mint exclusive, branded digital collectibles for nominees and participating fans.
"It's been an honor for my partners and I to produce an accolade that was a long time coming, and their fans have spoken," said Hollywood Hamilton, co-founder of the EDMA's. "Congratulations to all our winners and enjoy the decks."
Read on to see the full list of 2022 winners at the Electronic Dance Music Awards below.
Eli Russell Linnetz
Simply G
Piotr Kuczynski
Typical Tom
Jarett Lopez/EDM.com
Drake Films
Martin Garrix.
Jakub Janecki
Insomniac Events/Pasquale Rotella
Reconnection is the prevailing theme of the iconic electronic music group's fiery new single.
As fans clamor for his third studio album, Ocean put together a "Homer Radio" episode that's chock full of the sounds of the underground.
One person's trash is another's record.
c/o Press
Glen Matheny
Country Club Martini Crew/Spotify
Fat Tony
For more information on the Electronic Dance Music Awards and to see a full list of this year's winners, visit their official website
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