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"With less noise and an excellent stereo image at low frequencies, this is the vinyl manufacturer the world has been waiting for."
On-demand vinyl platform elasticStage has raised £3.5 million ($4.2 million USD) to help fund "the vinyl revolution."
Led by renowned record producers Paul Epworth (Adele, Paul McCartney) and Dan Grech-Marguerat (Lana Del Rey, George Ezra, Tom Grennan), the investment will aid elasticStage in expanding its operations, team and technology as well as building key partnerships with labels and digital service providers. The company is set to drop the needle and open their first production and fulfillment center in London by the end of this year, MusicWeek reports.
elasticStage has reportedly spent the past six years in development and is now ready to revolutionize the way vinyl is created and distributed with a more sustainable and ethical approach. By utilizing different materials for the vinyl and getting rid of toxic chemicals, elasticStage maintains they're able to produce a quality vinyl record in a much shorter timeframe than other vinyl pressing plants.
"Importantly, the use of an alternative to PVC, digital printing and the eradication of harmful chemicals sets a new standard in this field," the company said in a statement. "All this is achieved without compromising the quality of the sound or the artwork."
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elasticStage provides a direct-to-consumer approach, which is said to significantly reduce lead times and enable larger production volumes. A minimum order of only one is required and means the commercial demand can be met immediately. 
The current state of the vinyl sector is a bit disjointed due to supply issues, a resurgence of vinyl and the time it takes to press it. According to MusicWeek, it can take up to 12 months for an LP release, but elasticStage allows artists to sell vinyl the same day their music hits digital service providers. This not only increases revenues for the artist, but also augments their chances at making it into the charts due to physical sales.
"The future of vinyl is here," Grech-Marguerat said in a statement. "With a next day turnaround time, gone will be the days of waiting months for vinyl production. The high-end sound quality and incredible definition will shock any avid record lover. With less noise and an excellent stereo image at low frequencies, this is the vinyl manufacturer the world has been waiting for." 
Lennon is a music journalist who has contributed to EDM.com for over five years. A seasoned music business reporter, his writings bridge the gap between education and technology through a musical lens. He is also the host of the music business podcast When Life Hands You Lennons and founder of his own electronic music website, EDM In A Soda.
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