This EDM Remix of the Viral "Corn Kid" Song Is A-Maize-Ing –

Phoenix Han
Kaivon remixed the wholesome song into a trap banger that could cause utter corn-age at music festivals.
There's nothing corny about Tariq, the kid who has captured the hearts of millions after going viral for his love of corn.
While EDM Twitter once again descended into a digital hellscape over the weekend, something much more wholesome was happening over on TikTok. It was the "Corn Kid" video, wherein Tariq can't help but hide his excitement for the "big lump with knobs."
"Ever since I was told corn is real, it tasted good," Tariq says in the viral video, which has been viewed over 53 million times on TikTok at the time of writing. "When I tried it with butter, everything changed."
DJ and dance music producer Kaivon decided to remix the music from the video and turn it into an electronic track that could cause utter corn-age at festivals. He took to TikTok to tease his husky remix, which interpolates Tariq's words into a thunderous trap drop.
Headlined by Âme and Dixon, the concert is one of the only large-scale electronic music events in L.A. to take place on the beach.
What’s wrong babe? You barely touched your Selected Ambient Works 85-92 bread.
The inaugural show will also feature DJ sets from Nora En Pure and Mark Knight, among others.
One commenter even asked Kaivon to drop the remix during his upcoming performance at Excision's Lost Lands festival. Take a listen below.
Tariq's story began earlier this month after content creator Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviewed the young boy for his video series, Recess Therapy. Parts of the interview were then autotuned and interpolated into a song created by Schmoyoho, a TikTok account operated by The Gregory Brothers, who run a popular YouTube channel that "songifies" content.
Now, you can even purchase a personalized shoutout on Cameo from Tariq, who just wants to wish you a "corntastic day" and make a few bucks—let's call it cornbread—on the popular video-sharing platform.
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