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Master veteran DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki, the man behind Prana and Matsuri, doing his thing @ the amazing Sunshine Festival 2021 in Japan.
Video by RyuSims Films: https://www.ryusimsfilms.com/

Special thanx to Sunshine Festival crew, Matsuri Digital, FM Booking

1.EU / Vibration ( unreleased )
2. Space Tribe / Home Entertainment (Original Mix)
3. FREEZE / Have a Good Trip (Original Mix)
4. X-side, Transient Disorder / What Are Psychedelics (Original Mix)
5. Sensescape, Amplify / Holographic Lifeforms (Original Mix)
6. Vibers / Over (Alien RMX) (Original Mix)
7. Electric Universe / Life On Mars ( unreleased )
8. Space Tribe / Space Between Atoms (Original Mix)
9. Bliss, Volcano On Mars / Trippy Blinders (Original Mix)
10.Dickster / Mindfield-Proper_Naughty
10. Modus / Fear Of The Unknown (Dickster Remix) ( unreleased )
11.Electric Universe & Mad Tribe / Party Planners
12. Space Tribe / Awake (Original Mix)
13. INDIGO / Tenkawa feat. Steve Hillage -UNI REMIX-( unreleased )
14. UNI & Tsuyoshi Suzuki / Just 50 Years Ago (Spectra Sonics Remix)

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