Wolf Music's groovy house set for DJ Mag HQ

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The world’s greatest DJs streamed live from the office of the world’s greatest dance music magazine. Our new YouTube series kicks off with delectable house grooves courtesy of the Wolf Music crew.

1) Greymatter & KRL – ‘Untitled’
2) Christophe ‘Come Back (Casino Times remix)
3) Iron Galaxy ‘Attention Seeker’
4) Tornado Walace ‘Insect Overloads’
5) First Choice ‘Love Thang (Genius of Time edit)’
6) Luvless ‘Surrender’
7) “African thing on Prime Numbers”
8) Anthony Naples ‘Mad Disrespect’
9) Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND ‘KDIM’
10) Wbeezer ‘If You Believe’
11) Manuel Tur ‘I’m Alive (Ugly Drums remix)
12) Greymatter X KRL ‘Striaght Billin’
13) MCDE ‘The Stranger’
15) Heads High ‘Burning (Keep Calm mix)’
15) Earl Jeffers ‘The Goose’
16) Detroit Swindle ‘Sometimes’
17) Jazztronik ‘ Samurai’
18) MAW ‘Odyssey’
19) Lazlo Dancehall ‘Gave Up’
20) Kyle Hall ‘ Measure To Measure’
21) The O’Jays ‘This Time Baby’
22) Gladys Knight And The Pips ‘Bitter Love’
23) Loose Joints ‘All Over My Face’
24) James Brown ‘I’m Satisfied’
25) Johanes Albert ‘Do It’
26) Frits Wentik ‘Mouse’
27) SLG ‘I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco’
28) KRL ‘New 9’
29) ?
30) ?
31) James Welsh ‘Born & Raised’
32 Medlar ‘The Sun’



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