Modern Biology
Tarun Nayar has also written music with watermelon, cacao, mango and cactus.
Mushrooms aren't always used for their hallucinogenic effects. They are used to create music, too.
Artist and composer Tarun Nayar, who creates and performs music under the moniker Modern Biology, plugged mushrooms into a synthesizer and wrote music with the electrical waves the fungi produce. To achieve this sound, he places electrodes into the mushrooms and wires them up to his soundboard, allowing electrical signals to flow through the plants and trigger a synthesizer before turning them into sounds that humans can hear.
Nayar has also written music with watermelon, cacao, mango, and cactus. His raving mushrooms don't have a method to their madness, as to be expected with nature.
This unique ability to transform electrical waves from mushrooms and other objects has given Nayar enough juice, if you will, to release an album from all of the sounds he's created.
Reconnection is the prevailing theme of the iconic electronic music group's fiery new single.
As fans clamor for his third studio album, Ocean put together a "Homer Radio" episode that's chock full of the sounds of the underground.
One person's trash is another's record.
Dubbed Plant Music Vol 2: Fruits and Flowers of Hawai'i, the album takes advantage of nature's randomness and truly takes listeners on a sonic journey, not limited by the standard methods by which humans typically approach music production. Take a listen below.
According to Nerdist, fungi may actually have their own language and scientists are studying it to see if it's similar to how humans communicate. 
"A computer scientist compared electrical signals in mushrooms to human language," writes Nerdist. "And he found enough similarities between the mushroom language fungus uses and our own to make the claim."
You can hear more of Modern Biology's nature-generated music via TikTok.
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The renowned electronic musician and experience designer teamed up with Roland in celebration of “303 Day.”
Roland’s innovation and affordable access to music hardware for beginners opens a new world for those wanting to dabble in music production and sound design.
If you spend more, the notes are higher. So, spend more… for the music.
The ENNER synthesizer’s pads are deeply sensitive to human touch, with different pressures, speeds and angles creating variations of sounds.
SynthNes is innovating using the tools of a formative era in videogame technology.
“My Daddy Has 100 Synths” is the perfect book for dads looking to introduce their kids to the vintage synthesizer world.
The Baby Bot Light Theremin: Powland Edition is Moon Armada’s latest Frankenstein-like synth creation in an existing line of unique designs.
Conceived over 20 years ago, Miguel Santos’ banking technology company Technisys was acquired by SoFi Technologies.




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