With the help of their live Twitch audience, PRXZM produced a banger out of absurd Mad Libs.
PRXZM masticated asteroids really gouda in this livestream.
You'll understand that ridiculous lede after watching a recent video by the dance music production and songwriting duo PRXZM, who recently challenged themselves to write a song using Mad Libs. Using suggestions from their live audience on Twitch, they got to work.
They'd only ever done this one other time, when PRXZM's Emma Maidenberg was sick with Covid. "I wasn't my best self," she said. "And my voice didn't sound that great."
But she made up for it this time around. Maidenberg started working on the lyrics and writing down seemingly random words that popped into her mind to get the Mad Lib started. "This already sounds like a Mad Lib," her bandmate, Nick Ortega, says with a laugh.
The track, a collaboration with RuthAnne, also marks the trio's debut release on Ultra Records.
ILLENIUM said the self-titled LP will serve as a prequel to his breakthrough album trilogy, "Ashes," "Awake" and "Ascend."
If there was a song equivalent to leaving a desperate ex read, this is it.
The duo then turned to their Twitch audience to ask for suggestions of absurd adjectives, nouns and phrases to integrate into the track, a midtempo banger which Ortega produced live. They came up with "gouda," "juicy," "new car" and "masticate," among others.
Once the words were chosen and Maidenberg recorded the vocals, Ortega worked to arrange the song, which has an industrial feel to it. He used a myriad of eerie pitch bends, distorted bass patches and, of course, the Home Depot theme song.
You can watch PRXZM's full video below.
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